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Shu Uemura – Cleansing Oil

Do you believe makeup begins and ends with cleansing?

"Cleansing is the first and last step of makeup." That was what Shu Uemura believed. Like how a painter needs a fresh new canvas every time he starts to paint, a makeup artist needs clean skin to start his work. The delicate touch of eye shadow and foundation as well as the finish to the makeup are all dependent on the condition of the skin. The secret to beautiful skin has been revealed - start with gentle, thorough cleansing that removes impurities without stripping skin's moisture.

When Shu Uemura launched his first cleansing oil in the late 1960s, he encountered strong resistance from women. Yet, he continued to champion the merits of cleansing with oil and committed himself to improving the formula. His enthusiasm and dedication eventually paid off, as his passion for cleansing oils reached fashion and entertainment circles.

People realised that oil cleansing is easy to use, efficient and gentle to the skin, and devotees to Shu Uemura's oil multiplied when the product's benefits were experienced. After 40 years, Shu Uemura has been acknowledged as the father of cleansing oil in Japan and throughout the world. Today, one bottle of cleansing oil is sold every 20 seconds.

While working as a makeup arid in Hollywood in the 1960s, Shu Uemura discovered a remarkable cleanser based on oil that removed even the heaviest stage makeup without damaging skin.

It was appreciated not only for its convenience and efficacy, but also for its amazing feel after rinsing; skin felt conditioned, balanced, soft and silky. This product was the legendary cleansing oil, Unmask!

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