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Massage for Beautiful Skin

Have you ever wondered why you feel and look so relaxed after a salon treatment, but not when you carelessly apply a face cream at home? The difference is in the skill of the facialist who applies the cream using special massage techniques designed to help your skin absorb the cream.

Luckily for us, brands like Lancôme, have also designed easy massage techniques to use with their latest creams. In fact, new creams always come with special application techniques designed to boost their effects. As they're not as complex as the massage techniques used in salons, you can try them at home.

You may want to know that massage helps improve microcirculation of the face, and promotes detoxification and helps improve radiance. For example, Lancôme’s Secret de Vie cream comes with a specially designed reflexology massage you can use to apply the cream. "It's designed to help provide your skin and body with energy, strength and vitality," explains Carolyn, Lancôme Training Manager. Who adds that you can always ask counter staff or the facialists at the Lancôme Beauty Institute for tips on how to apply Lancôme creams.

Clarins and Thalgo are other strong believers in massage. Fans of Thalgo's Thalgogive Refining Firming Serum say you get enhanced results if you're willing to take just a few extra minutes to do a simple massage. Those who use Clarins also happily give testimonials about how their massages help to firm skin up.

For reference:

Lancôme Secret de Vie - is packed with Extrait de Vie, a complex of active ingredients to reactivate all of your skin's essential functions, revitalise and reinforce its defences, leaving it smooth, fair and even-toned.

Thalgogive Refining Firming Serum - detoxifies skin and promotes the elimination of fatty acids. It contains a precise dose of slimming complex consisting of Caffeine, L-Carnitine and Co-Enzyme A. With regular use and the correct massage, it helps round faces look slimmer, sharper and younger. Say goodbye to your double chin!

Dior Prestige Revitalising Night Cream - combats tired and lifeless skin on your face, throat and chest. Its Beauty Nectar contains skin-revitalising Kniphofia flower extracts, detoxifying jasmine flowers and Seville orange flower to leave skin smoother, firmer and plumper.

Lancôme Absolue Nuit Premium Advanced Night Recovery Cream - contains Pro-Xylane, a breakthrough discovery that is able to work on all skin compartments to restore the matrix. It helps skin recapture the firmness it used to have when you were younger.

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