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Best Face Forward

Do you want to add instant light to your face with your make-up?

Here is something must-haves from Clarins:

Step 1

Illuminate your skin with Clarins’ Instant Light Complexion Perfector, which optically minimises imperfections and evens out the skin tone for a fresh, radiant complexion. Apply the Clarins’ Complexion Perfector before foundation or on specific parts of the face after foundation to add extra radiance to make-up.

Step 2

Prime the eyelids with Clarins’ Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base to create an even-toned, super-smooth and long-lasting base for eye make-up. It absorbs excess sebum for a matte look all day long and optically minimises fine lines. Apply over entire lid and wear alone or under make-up.


For plumper-looking lips with a subtle shine, apply Clarins’ Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, which also nourishes, repairs and softens lips. Natural extracts of shea butter, mango, vitamin A and E and peptides protect lips from free radicals.

One of Clarins bestseller – Clarins’ Instant Smooth PerfectingTouch is a magic make-up base that smoothes away lines, pores and other imperfections -----> With Clarins, life’s more beautiful!

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