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Stylish Flats – Pumps, Sandals & Kitten

"A pair of stylish flats is an essential element of any woman's wardrobe for the times when common sense must prevail," says Nina Garcia, author of The Little Black Book of Style. Thank goodness we have sensible heels that are no less stylish than high heels these days!

  • Pointed-toe flatties add length and are more flattering on short women than the round or square-toe.
  • Wear them with Capri pants, leggings, skinny jeans, dresses and skirts.
  • If you're petite, pick low-cut flats or those in colours that match your outfit to create a seamless line. A short hemline that flashes more leg also helps, unless you've chunky legs, in which case stick to hemlines that end below the knee.

  • Delicate, strappy sandals make thick legs or big feet appear bigger.
  • Ankle-straps hold the foot in place making the fit more comfortable.
  • Gladiator sandals sizzle this season. Do wear them with shorter bottoms so as to not appear stumpy.
  • Also hot: details that contrast with the casual style of sandals, like metallic colours and jewel embellishments.
  • Wear them with dresses, shorts, or jeans.

  • At just over three centimetres, this mini-stiletto exudes sexiness and gives 1ift.
  • They're the perfect alternative to high heels and will carry you through any occasion.
  • They go well with literally anything - from ultra-feminine dresses and elegant evening wear to casual Capris.

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