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Fashion - Find your best bra

Lingerie, especially bras, is not easy to shop for; you either get the wrong cup size, fidget with wayward straps and generally feel uncomfortable in them. Here are some fail-proof tricks to the perfect fit.

Straps - Place two fingers under the top. They should fit snugly. However, ensure the strap is taut enough so it doesn't shift about or, worse, fall off your shoulders.

Adjusters - Straps can be loosened or tightened to provide lift, but not to the extent that the band rises in the front or back.

Centre - The centre of your bra should always lie flat against your sternum or the middle of your cleavage. Any gap means that the cups are too small.

Band - For enhanced support and to avoid skin spillover, the band of your bra should rest low and never sit high in the back.

Cups - The fabric should rest against your skin. If your cup doesn't fill in, go for one cup-size smaller - or insert bra paddings or enhancers.

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