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How to prevent visible panty lines

It not only destroys the silhouette of your outfit but creates unwanted attention, i.e. the tighter an outfit, the higher chance of a visible panty lines. Always check in the mirror before you leave house. If your visible panty lines are showing, change your undies! Always keep on hand a couple of thin, seamless and lace-free boy shorts. You can wear them under thin pants and slinky dresses.
  • Reserve thicker, cotton, full- brief underwear for lounging at home, jeans or to wear under long tops.

  • Check your thongs. If the waist of your pants is of a normal rise and you wear a hip-hugger or low rise thong, the back of the thong will peep through in the middle of your rear. Buy normal-rise thongs for chinos, slacks and skirts. Reserve low-risers for low-rise garments.

  • Keep a collection of seamless bikinis and regular briefs in your collection. Chances are, they'll be safe with most clothing choices.

  • Only wear nude-coloured panties with white, beige or nude. This rule applies to bras as well.

  • To hide belly bulge, make sure your underwear doesn't cut into your stomach to avoid the `sausage effect'. This happens often with dresses.

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