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Fashion - Sexy High Heels

Sky-high heels are so sexy they will always be in demand regardless of the trends! And a bit of height never did any harm. Designers are doing even crazier things with heels this season and they are even higher!


  • Sexy, spike heels make legs appear longer and more toned. 
  • Wear them with sleek bottoms like pencil skirts, slim pants, skinny jeans or fitted dresses but never with a mini. 
  • Don't overwork your stilettos. Because the heels are narrow and have to support your weight, they can wear out pretty fast so avoid wearing your favourite pair too often. 

  • These are good for thicker ankles and legs because they add height, balance and definition. The heavier, wedged heels are more slimming. 
  • They look great with the season's flowing, voluminous silhouettes because the heaviness of the shoe provides balance. 
  • Snakeskin leather or embellishments like jewels, studs and petals are huge now.  

  • These balance out full-figures and are very flattering on big ankles and thick legs. 
  • They are more comfortable than high heels with thin soles because the base provides more cushioning when walking. 
  • Pair them with other hot trends like bright colours, cut-out heels or dual-tones. 
  • They look pretty even with party dresses, or with long, slouchy pants or flared jeans.

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