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Mane Beauty for Sexy New Hair Color

How to update your look fast with a sexy new hair color plus ways to keep it shining for longer?

Coloring your hair is a great way to get a stylish new looks for whatever reasons, i.e. New Year, special function and event, etc. If you want to, try DIY home color. You won't need to fight to get an appointment at a packed hair salon. Here's how to get a shade you'll adore...

Color clues

If you've ever had hair color fades or turn brassy, and blame the humid, sunny weather. To make that new shine last, you may want to try these sexy new hair color tips:

  • Use color and care formulas designed for your hair, as our thicker hair strands can become stiff without conditioning. L'Orèal Paris Excellence conditions before, during and after coloring. Before: A serum preps hair and treats damaged hair tips. During: Polymers ensure rich and even color. After: Ceramide conditioner protects hair until your next treatment session for a sexy new hair color.

  • Conditioners and shampoos specific for colored hair make color last as they protect from UV damage and over-drying. At home, try L’Orèal Elsève Color-Vive Daily Instant Treatment. In salons, try Arimino's Caretrico Marbling System, which repairs and moisturises hair with Coenzyme Q10, Keratin, Amino oils, Ceramide Soy and Silk Proteins.

  • If you heat-style, use a protective product such as L’Orèal Studio Line Hot (Studioline Hot Straight and Studioline Hot Volume). They all protect hair from heat and help lock in your style for a sexy new hair color.

  • Avoid hair care products with alcohol as they dry hair. And don't swim on the day you color hair as pool chemicals can give a green tinge to lighter hair colors or turn highlights brassy that can affect your sexy new hair color.

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